The V-Neck Oversized Tee








Excellent Condition

Seller Notes:

It's in perfect condition, no discoloration (just wrinkled in the photos). I just don't reach for it often because I don't like how it fits on me.

Our first oversized tee, we wanted to make a tee that was long enough to wear with leggings and was super flowy and soft. Made from ultra-soft Supima Cotton, this tee only gets cozier with wear (and we're pretty sure you'll be wearing it a lot). Wear it with the v neck in the front or back. Wear it tucked into joggers, loose over leggings, paired with your favorite loungewear pieces, tied into a knot with your favorite jeans, or paired with sleep shorts to bed. And with six colors to choose from, the options are endless.


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Sold by Rachelle B